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下载荔枝播客订阅FM1570981(Mike老迈英语) 【QQ318452875;微信号:MikeQQ】 Travel English旅游英语10 动植物检疫 Conversation会话 A: Do you have anything to declare? B: I have brought some meat and vegetables. Do I need to declare animal / plant quarantine? A: Yes, please fill out this form, and put them on the scale. B: Will that be all? A: Yes, I will give you a certificate. When you reach your destination, you will have to take it to the animal / plant quarantine service at the airport. B: OK, thank you. A: 你有什么要申报的吗? B: 我带了一些肉和蔬菜,需要申报动植物检疫吗? A: 是的,请填写这张表格,把东西放到秤上。 B: 这样就可以了吗? A: 是的,我会开证明给您。你到了目的地之 后,必须拿证明去当地机场的动植物检验检疫机构。 B: 好的,谢谢。 Useful Sentences有用的句子: 1. Could I bring these? 2. These items need to be declared for quarantine inspection. 3. If you brought vegetables, they have to be washed and the roots have to be cut off. Meat has to be cooked. 4. Bringing these fruits into the country is prohibited. 5. What items are prohibited to bring into Japan? 6. Do frozen food and canned food need to be inspected? 7. Have I finished all the procedures? 8. I am sorry, they have to be confiscated. 9. Do you have anything to declare? 10. No, I have nothing to declare. 1. 我可以带这些东西吗? 2. 这些东西是需要申报检疫的。 3. 如果要携带蔬菜,必须清洗干净,根也必须切掉;肉类的话,必须是熟食。 4. 这些水果是禁止携带入境的。 5. 去日本有哪些东西是禁止携带入境的? 6. 冷冻食品、 罐头需要检验吗? 7. 所有手续都完成了吗? 8. 很抱歉,这些要没收。 9. 你有什么需要申报的吗? 10. 没有,我没有什么要申报的。 Words and Phrases单词和短语 quarantine 检疫 declaration 申报检疫 fresh food 生鲜食品 cooked food 熟食 frozen food 冷冻食品 canned food 罐装食品 legal 合法的 / 不合法的 prohibit 禁止 declare 申报 confiscate 没收

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